Empty File List Table

Hi. Many of our current transformations start off by collecting any files in a pickup folder. This folder can be empty. This is a valid (non-erroneous) situation and so we would like the project to end (halt) gracefully without generating any errors in any server logs as it is these logs we will be monitoring for any automation errors that arise.


What transformation generates an error on an empty folder? I’m aware of two ways to import files – using multiple file loading in an import transformation, or the “File List” transformation. Which one do you use?

We are using the File List transformation. This transformation is not generating an error due to the fact that the table is empty (ie. no files in the folder used in the transformation). But in our case some downstream transformations that call another project may fail because the source file list was in fact empty. So, we are just after a way of halting without it being an error. Our belief is that if we put a Halt Condition based on an empty table in then we will exit but the server will log it as a Job Error. Therefore, any external monitoring we of the job log will result in a ‘false positive’ in that an error was thrown but the transformation wasn’t in error it was just trying to end before it did anything that might cause an error.