Email when process failed


I’m trying to ensure that when my project is faulty, I receive an information email. I don’t need to know which module is faulty, just that I need to correct my process.

Below is a screenshot of the faulty process (see red circle) + screeshot of the warning process.

I use the
test STZ v1.morph (42.8 KB)
module + conditional derivation

Please could you help me to find a simple solution


If you use EasyMorph Server, you can simply configure email notifications in the Notifications tab:

It will send an email with errors when a workflow fails.

If you don’t use EasyMorph Server, add the “Send email” action in your workflow after the “Call action” (I see that you already collect errors in the “Call action” which is correct). Use the “Insert input dataset as HTML table” option to insert the errors into the message body (see below):

You may want to add the “Skip actions on condition” before “Send email” to send emails only when the list of errors after “Call” isn’t empty.