Email size limit and multiple attachments [DONE]

Is there any way we can get the email size limit a little bit larger to say 40 mb? Also, can we have multiple attachments in the email? These are things that my company really needs to convince the higher ups to switch for email sending. At the moment I am working around it by splittling up the large files into, etc. And making everything a zip file for the multiple files. But our customers are used to getting separate pdfs so it isn’t a welcome change.

The limit is hardcoded and can’t be changed.

Email isn’t the most appropriate way for sending large files. Did you consider using other channels to deliver the files to your customers? EasyMorph supports uploading to Google Drive, SharePoint, Amazon S3, and SFTP.

Yeah unfortunately these are customers that have been receiving these same emails for 20 years, they are hard to change. How about having multiple attachments?

In version 4.6.3 we will add a setting for the email attachment limit, so you will be able to configure it as needed.

Multiple attachments will be supported in a version 5.x.

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Starting from v4.7 it’s now possible to change the max attachment size in the email connectors.


In version 5.0 the “Send email” action can attach multiple files.