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Hi team,

I have a requirement where in I have to send email to all the people who have their folders on a drive. So I would have like 100+ folders and name of the folder would be ‘id’ of the person. I have an excel sheet for which the id has a mapping with his or her ‘email id’ on which this folder is to be sent. Is it possible using easymorph to send the ‘folder’ on his / her ‘email id’ with a custom message?

Sounds like it should be possible. Check out the “Send emails” example the comes pre-installed with EasyMorph.


@dgudkov, thanks for the reply!

How would I iterate through the folder names basis the id to be sent to multiple people?

Sorry but I am missing the part which would fetch the folder name basis the id in excel file to be sent over email.


You can generate a list of folders using the “Folder list” action, then use the list for iterations.

Hi ,

I tried generating but only generates the list of folders which is not the requirement.
So let me try to explain again:
I have a long list of folders / zip folders which are already created. The name of these folders is SAP id of the resources.
I have another excel file which has the SAP id and corresponding name and email id.

I need to send the folder ‘matching’ with the SAP id of the resource to him/ her on their email id. I am trying to use video posted on youtube( to look for a solution for the problem to iterate through list of folders.

Can you provide an example?

Hello @dgudkov,

I have come up with something and I am currently testing that. I will keep you posted in case there are any issues.


Hi @dgudkov,

I tested the solution yesterday and its working fine! I was able to send 115 emails + attachments in a span of ~35 minutes. The size of the attachments varied from 1-12 MB. Love the robustness.


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Great! :slight_smile: