Email Connector: Microsoft Exchange Online

Hi there,

I am having a bit of a struggle getting the Microsoft Exchange Online connector to work. It looks like there is barely anything to configure and I have set the authentication to “Windows integrated.”

When I try to send an email, I get the below error. Any idea on how I can get this working?


Hi Sean,

Try using the OAuth authentication mode.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the reply! When I try using OAuth I get the below error message back. Since this is on a work machine, it does make sense I need to have some sort of approval granted. Do you by chance know what kind of approval this would be? I am not quite sure what lever to ask to be pulled on my side.

Here is how I have the connector setup. When I hit the Authorize button I get the below error message back.



Contact the IT support department in your organization and ask them to permit authorization for the EasyMorph OAuth client. Alternatively, a custom OAuth app can be used but it also has to be configured by your IT support.

Hi @dgudkov I am trying to use Exchange Online connector and getting the following error.

AADSTS70043: The refresh token has expired or is invalid due to sign-in frequency checks by conditional access.

Any idea how to resolve the issue?

Hi @aatash !

Probably this error is caused by your tenant’s administration settings with refresh token maximum lifetime set too low (via Configurable token lifetimes - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn).
It can be changed in this way (Configure authentication session management - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn)