EM Server : URL to specific pages not working

Let’s suppose you want to go there : https://SERVER_URL/space/YOUR_SPACE/Files

The first problem is that instead of prompting your the login/password to enter, it’s redirecting you to the login page which does not seem necessary because in the URL you are already asking for a specific space. So in this case you don’t need to be redirected to the login page. You would like to see the login/password popup directly (if no token available) and be redirected automatically to : https://SERVER_URL/ExternalAuth/Windows?requestToken=XXX&space=YOUR_SPACE&returnUrl=%2Fspace%2FYOUR_SPACE%2Ffiles

So now you are unfortunately in the login page. Click on login => you are NOT redirected to the Files tab but to the default tab which is tasks. Here is the URL of the login button : https://SERVER_URL/ExternalAuth/Windows?requestToken=XXX&space=YOUR_SPACE&returnUrl=%2Fspace%2FYOUR_SPACE%2Ffiles
The URL seems good but it’s like the “returnUrl” parameter is not taken into account.


This bug has been fixed. Please update your EasyMorph Server from our website.

No change :

  • still redirecting first to login page
  • and after login, still redirecting to tasks instead of files

Edit : note that it was the same behaviour in 5.3