EM server Publishing error - help

Hi all,
I’m getting an error when trying to publish a project to EM server.
"Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source. "
I’ve checked the parameters and don’t have one named source. I’ve also created a dummy one with that name without much luck.
Any assistance would be appreciated.


What versions of EasyMorph Desktop and EasyMorph Server are you using?

You can see the Server version in the Server log. The Desktop version is in menu About.

Hi Dimitry,

Server version is v3.9.1.1 and Desktop version is



Can you please replicate this error and then open the Diagnostics information dialog from About tab and send content of both tabs (Diagnostics information and Debug log) to our support email.


Also can you please update your EasyMorph Desktop to the latest build of version 3.9.0 and try to publish your project again: https://easymorph.com/download/EasyMorph.Setup390.zip

It’s possible that this error was fixed in that build.

Hi all,

I had a dual install of EM and re-opened my project with desktop v3.9.1.4 which resulted in successfully publishing from my desktop.

Another workaround was to load the project via the server upload feature under the “Files” tab in my space.

All is working perfectly, apologies for the trouble.