EM Server output live

Hello everyone,

we’ve got alot of morph projects that our users run from the EM server and to share the result we need to export an Excel and send it by mail. It would be great if there is an option to flag a table as a live result, and when the project finish his run it will show the result table on the web, maybe with the option to export it in Excel, PDF etc.

We’ve already done this. The Data Catalog is intended exactly for calculating tables and delivering them to users. Except, at this point, in the web UI you can only download the result table (as Excel or CSV). We plan to add the ability to view tables in the web UI too later this year. This is what it looks like in web UI currently:

In Desktop, it’s possible to see the result table (it’s always calculated on the Server), filter it, export the table, send it to a sandbox, etc. This is what it looks like in the Desktop:

The Catalog is searchable so the user can find necessary tables by descriptions, column names, etc.