EM server not using parameter values at runtime


I created a model that uses a parameter called ClientID. I set a default value in the model. I published the model to the EM server, Created a Task for the model (EM server), Clicked on the Parameters tab and added ClientID. I also checked the box Prompt for parameters on task start. When running the Task on the EM server the results are still using the default values from when I created the model. Is there an option I’m missing for it to use the value of the Parameter from the EM server? I also added a condition in the model for SQL Query (Visual) for the field ClientID “In List” for {ClientID} parameter. Any advice?
Also, since discussing parameters, is there a way to have the parameter list of values dynamic? Meaning it can be pulled from a sql query each time so it’s always up to date? The tricky part is that the list is shown before running the task from the server, so not sure if there’s a easy way to do that.

It looks like something is not properly configured in your setup. Task parameters are actively used by hundreds of people every day. If task parameter assignment didn’t work we would’ve known about it very soon :slight_smile:

Can you please share screenshots of the following:

  • The parameter dialog of your workflow (in EasyMorph Desktop).
  • The Parameters tab of the Server task that uses the workflow.