EM Server - Current Version Shows 3.9.5

Just wanted to point out that the server download page is not yet showing v4


Server 4.0 is not released yet. Will be released next week.

Is the specific release date for EM-server 4.0 already known ?

Thanks !

No specific release date. We will release it when we consider it ready for release.

Do projects created on 4.0 run in the current version of EM-server?

No, they don’t. The release notes in the 1st paragraph - “Projects saved in version 4.0 can’t be opened in earlier versions.”

EasyMorph Server v4.0.1 is now officially released and can be downloaded from our website: https://easymorph.com/download-server.html

It still shows 3.95 for me and when I download it shows that as well on the zip.

Hello @justing and welcome to the community.

Everything looks OK for me. It seems that it shows you a cached version of the page.
Can you please try to reload the page with Ctrl + F5?

You’re right it is there now. Thanks for the welcome.