EM Server Catalog : navigation path not working


I have this folder :

Then I want to go up so I click on “Comptabilité” on the path and it’s saying :

The link provided for folder Comptabilité is :
https://XXX/space/catalog/catalog?d=Comptabilité\” but logically it should be : https://XXX/space/catalog/catalog?d=Requêtes%20paramétrées\Comptabilité\

What is strange is that It does not make it with the top folder which is “Requêtes paramétrées”. It’s only doing that on children folders inside

It’s working in the desktop. I’m using Google chrome.

Edit : after test it’s not related to accents, it’s just the path URLs that are not working. The path URL is only working for the top folder but not for children folders. Imagine you have :
Folder Parent > Folder Child level 1 > Folder Child level 2
If you go to level 2 with the web interface and then you click on Folder Child level 1 it’s just not working and EM Server says the folder does not exist.

This is a big issue and we expect a fix soon if possible, thanks !

Thank you, we’re looking into this

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The problem has been fixed. An updated version is now available. Please download it from our website.

Thanks @dgudkov , I’m also interested in 5.2.2 of course. Question : do you know when the server release will happen for 5.2.2 ? For example if you tell me it’s next monday, I can wait and expect the fix to be included in this 5.2.2. What do you think ?

Version 5.2.2 is delayed for a week or two. I would suggest not waiting for it yet.

It’s fixed with last patch, thanks !