EM Server catalog : cache results in system folder

Hi team,

Cache results of users seem to be stored here : …\SystemFolder\Catalog\Results.

Is there a limitation there ? I mean if no user click on “dismiss” to remove his history, this folder will grow infinitely right ?

Other question : what would the impact to purge xbin files there ? Is it possible ? Like keeping all files modified in the last month.

Hi Romain,

Calculation results are dismissed automatically after 24 hours. Therefore, the folder will not grow indefinitely.

This folder is managed by Server. It’s better not to interfere with it.

In this case is it normal I can see one xbin file with modified date 27/09 ?
Seems there’s only one and all others are 10/10 or 11/10 (24h as you said).

Files in this folder should be deleted automatically after 24 hours or upon Server restart. There could be some scenarios when Server fails to delete expired file records (mostly involving file access failures) and that should be visible as Could not delete result... message in Server log.

Server restart should remove all such records and would act like a purge.

Thanks for this information. I will follow that file carefully :slight_smile: