EM Desktop open project error


We have the attaced error when I try to open a project. The project is open fine with EM Desktop 5.3.4

Not for all the projects have this error. Also this project it is open fine with EM Desktop 5.3.4.

Can you help us with this error ?

Thank you,
LE: It is EM Desktop

Can you please send the project to our support email? Thanks

Also, what’s your current EasyMorph version. Ver.5.4.1 is not released yet. We’ve just released 5.4.

@dgudkov I found the issue. Direction is now CommandType for the Sftp.
FileTransferAction Protocol=“Sftp” Direction=“Download”
FileTransferAction Protocol=“Sftp” CommandType=“Download”

Thank you.
The project involved in this error is in the support inbox.

We have same action in the project.

You can edit the XML and change “Direction” to “CommandType” and the file will open.

I confirm the proposed fix is correct. The updated version will be available on our website in 30 minutes.


Both Desktop and Server have been updated. The bug has been fixed.

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Thanks, I updated both and no longer see the error.