EM connector to Azure Synapse?


Is it possible create a connector from EasyMorph to Azure Synapse?
I tried to create a Microsft SQL Server connector with Datahub in Azure Synapse, then it pops up an error message, attached. Any ideas? Thanks!



Welcome to the Community, Cam!

We never tried to connect to Azure Synapse using the SQL Server connector so don’t promise it would work. You can try the following settings:


See here how to find your server name: Connect to Synapse SQL - Azure Synapse Analytics | Microsoft Docs.

Specify also these custom properties in the connector:


Many thanks dgudkov! Will check it out. :slight_smile:

Hi dgudkov,

It’s not working.
See the error message attached.
Could it due to the authentication?
In Microsoft SQL Management Studio (SSMS) Authentication method calls Active Directory – Universal with MFA support. I was able to connect the Azure Synapse in SSMS.


Now the question is, how could I connect EasyMorph to SSMS to query the data?

Can you post a screenshot of your connector settings?

Here you go.

We did a bit more investigation and it appears that the native SQL Server connector can’t work with Synapse. You need to use the ODBC connector:

  1. Configure an ODBC connection (system DSN) to Synapse in Windows settings
  2. In EasyMorph, create an ODBC connector that uses the DSN. Use the “SQL Server” SQL dialect in the connector.

Many thanks dgudkov! Yes, it’s working now.

For those with same problem like me:
Here are some key steps snapshot for your information.


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