EasyMorph to Replace SAS

This is something I have noticed while using both of these softwares in my 2 last jobs: EasyMorph is the perfect tool to replace (or modernize) SAS use in an organization. (Way better than replacing SAS with Python or R… come on !)

Let’s be realistic: organizations does not use SAS for statistics purposes but for ETL purposes. Even when it is used by statisticians, most of the time, they connect to data sources, make a lot of transformations (filters, aggregations and calculated columns) on these data by using successive derived tables, and they finally export the result dataset in a format that makes it possible for the business user to consume.

In brief, SAS is used as a dataPrep tool, but at what cost !

From this point of view, EasyMorph can be considered as an easiest, no-code SAS, more modern and with many more (free) connectors. And then, for the few cases where real statistics are involved, the dataset can easily be provided to any free statistics or ML software (R, Knime, etc).

Obviously, when I say that to SAS programmers, there is resistance… SAS programmers are among the most well paid programmers of an organisation. (There is also some glamour into it, for the user as much as his business unit)

But it is what it is…

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Totally agree, Nicolas.

Two jobs ago, the reporting process entailed data prep in SAS, report generation in Excel. My boss was a SAS ninja. After 8 years, I only had a grasp of enough to do my job. There were only 3-4 of us that could use it (out of 40). There is a steep learning curve in SAS, vs. a no-code, graphic UI solution like EasyMorph.

Next job, we started converting the process to (another-ETL-tool-not-to-be-named-here) that allowed a lot more people to get involved and do their own prep.

Now out freelancing, I use EasyMorph for the data prep at a price point I can easily handle. Not a chance swinging a SAS license as a lone freelancer! So many reasons to shift from SAS to an ETL tool like EasyMorph.


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