Easymorph server v5.0 : task logs limited to 20 rows


It does not seem anymore possible to get the whole log of a run. When I’m displaying the journal of a task it’s limited to the last 20 rows of logs. That can really be a problem. Is there a way to get the whole log except querying the .db file on the server by myself ?


Hi Romain,

what do you mean by “the whole log”?

I would like to get all the log rows of one run, not only the last 20 ones :


Before we had all the logs of all the runs

I see. The journal keeps only the last 20 status messages. If you need more than that, use a custom log for the project with the “Export plain text” action instead of “Status”.

The limitation is caused by potentially high number of large status messages (since they are not limited by length) and the limitations of text field size in supported databases.