EasyMorph Server Task log empty


When running tasks, I’m finding my EasyMorph Server Task log empty:

Today we changed the Windows account that we use for EasyMorph Server (under “Accounts”). Can this have something to do?

The general EasyMorph Server log works correctly, but not the logs of individual tasks.



Hi @roberto .
If I understood you correctly, you have changed Server Service Account for EasyMorph Server service via Windows Services Manager. All created Task log folders and files were created and can be accessed under previous Windows Account.
To fix this, you should

  • A) allow newly assigned Windows Account a full access to your Server logs folder, Server system folder and Server config folder (C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\config). And restart the EasyMorph Server (via Monitor or Windows Services Manager).
  • B) Run your current EasyMorph Server Installer again. It should fix current config and log files automatically. Don’t uninstall your current version, just refresh.