EasyMorph Server Specs (Hosted vs On-Prem)

Hello Community -

I currently have a pretty moderately spec’d Windows machine that is running EM Server. I’m looking to migrate to a VPS solution but I’m trying to budget for it

Does anyone have any recommendations on sizing/spec/pricing from any providers?

To all:

I know that many people use EasyMorph Server on cloud instances. If you happen to be one of them, can you please share what cloud service you use and the instance type (it’s name or RAM/CPU specs).


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We have a rather good experience using a low-end VM from Hetzner (EX52-NVMe) that costs pennies ($62/mo) but has 64GB of RAM and decent performance.

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I forgot to mention - it comes without a Windows license so we’ve bought a Windows 10 Pro license (one-off $200) for it.

Thanks. This is the type of thing I was looking for as I’ve not heard of them before.

I like to shop around.

Thanks again

Check out also OVH. It’s a similar low-end VM provider.

I want to toss this out here. Have you guys considered offering a hosted server version of EM Server to clients?

We offered this on our website for almost a year as an experiment. Nobody ever responded to it, so we removed the offer.