EasyMorph server: Schedule task every 2 weeks


I would like to schedule every 2 weeks on a specific day. But as far as I can see that’s not possible (yet).

Schedule Monthly on 2nd,4th Wed is close, but unfortunately not working for us. Every 2 weeks we have the start of a IT sprint and need to insert new test records. Some months have 5 weeks, so that’s why the monthly schedule doesn’t work.

Is there a solution for this problem?


Hi Ruud,

You can schedule a task every week, and then inside the project have a check if it’s an even or odd week and skip the whole workflow on e.g. odd weeks.


This is not a perfect solution, because some years have 53 weeks. Could “biweekly” be added as a scheduling option? For example, pick a date and time, and every 14 days from that moment the project will run.

“Biweekly” is an ambiguous term that can mean different things to different people. In your case, it’s every 14th day from the specified date. For someone else, it could be every other Monday, even if the month has 5 weeks, but restart next month, etc. I can probably add a few more definitions of “biweekly”.

For the “biweekly” type that you need, I would suggest using the daily schedule, but run the workflow only when the number of days since the specified is a multiple of 14. You can use a condition similar to the below:

let diff = today() - {Start date}
diff >=0  and rem(diff, 14) = 0

Add parameter {Start date} to your task/project and set the task on the daily schedule.