EasyMorph Server Public Folder Inside Dropbox?


We were wondering if it is possible to have our EasyMorph Server Public folder (where we store our .morph files and workflow result files) in a Dropbox directory. This way the files would be available not only through the EasyMorph Server page but also directly in Dropbox. Can this work, and are there any disadvantages to this?

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It’s hard to say, we didn’t test that. I would recommend having frequent backups, just in case.

Hi @roberto

One issue you could run into is that many actions in EasyMorph create very short-lived temporary files in destination folders (for example, many file download actions do that). This is done to ensure that destination file, if it happens to exist already, is not corrupted if download fails.

In my experience Dropbox doesn’t like very much such chaotic access scenarios, when files appear in the folder and get deleted while Dropbox utility is trying to sync them, sometimes but not often Dropbox ends up showing non-existent ‘conflicts’ etc.

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It seems that Dropbox may lock files during the sync process. That could cause an undetermined behavior like unobviously “file is locked” errors or other errors. (Dropbox sync client seems to lock the files exclusively)

Dropbox can’t be run as a Windows Service (Can I host the Dropbox desktop app on a server? - Dropbox Help) without a 3rd party tools.

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Thanks @olysak and @ckononenko for your insights!