Easymorph server : problem to display index.html (documentation tab)

index.txt (7.4 KB)


Can you check why I have a blank page for this file attached ? You will just have to rename index.txt to index.html (I had to change the extension or the forum was not accepting it)

Chrome can display this html page (generated by word) but easymorph can’t display it. I mean I can select index.html inside my workspace but nothing appears in the documentation tab.

Did you mean the “Pages” tab or something else?

Yes, under pages tab

This is what it looks like on my copy of Server. Opened in Chrome. It is a development build of Server, but we didn’t make any changes to the Pages part.

Make sure you aren’t using content blockers or Internet Explorer.

Note that Word produces a very messy, bloated HTML. I would recommend using a real HTML editor.

Strange, this morning it’s working. I don’t really get what happened. I am wondering if modifications are reflected instantly or if there’s a cache or something. Seems to work, thanks !

Yes microsoft conversion is not the best one but that avoids to type my own html (I have more important things to do :stuck_out_tongue: )

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