EasyMorph Server Monitor unknown error

I’m the guy of this topic
EasyMorph Server's errors capture don't work properly:

Today i wanted to update the server version, so i wanted to stop the server from the server monitor as specified into the release notes. But when i try to run EM Server Monitor it appears this


and next this error


How can i fix it?

There is no icons in the windows toolbar (on the right-down corner) of Easymorph Server Monitor.

Thank you, Niccolò

Try finding Server Monitor in the Windows Task Manager and stopping it from there.

If that doesn’t work, try rebooting the machine, then repeat the installation.

I tried both ways but this exception doesn’t go away. I have to update server from to the last (5.3.1 i suppose). Can i just shutdown EasyMorphServer service (from taskmanager) and run the installation of the new version with “existing configuration” checked?
Thank you very much

Yes, you can shut down the Server service from the Windows Task Manager.

See the answer below.

A safer way to shutdown EasyMorph Server is to use the Windows Services console (services.msc). Find EasyMorph Server and click Stop. This will perform a normal server shutdown process.