Easymorph Server - Log

Hi guys , Eduardo here.
We are start using easymorph server.
The instalation was succesfull.

I want to question about the behavior of the server.
My first question is about the log-server tab.

I want to know if this tab show only information about the main services.
For example when i run a task , if the task failed I can’t see the error in the same task but I dont know if its supposed that I can’t see also the fail error line in the log.

My second doub is about this 2 options


the Warning and Status log. In the projects that i have been deploying it said “The project had no status message / Project had no warning” is there an option to activate this part ? should I include error handling on the project to unlock this functionality ?


The Server log is for internal system events. To see task execution history see the tab Journal.

The journal is also available in task details (see below).

The custom status messages are generated by the Status action. Note that only the last 20 status messages are shown in the journal record.

Thanks Dmitry , great explanation.