Easymorph Server : get result files in an easier way


Our easymorph server tasks usually creates excel files with relative path, it means they are created where the project is stored. When our users run a task, they have to identify where the project is (by checking task configuration), then go to files tab, then retreive their excel.

It would be good if directly in the task tab, there would be a button or something to directly get the results.

=> We can imagine something simple : a new configuration field in the task which would be a fixed URL (and possibly a name for the link). When tasks is finished, URL (possibly named link) is displayed next to the task. If the output file has always the same name, it would work. If task is doing something on Power BI it would go to power bi etc.

This would make the whole process more fluent : trigger and get immediately the result

Edit : it would also enable to get the last result immediately, even after several days