Easymorph server : Error accessing any AD workspace from welcome page


I use the main authentication URL. Then I’m picking in the drop down list one workspace XXX. Whatever workspace I choose (let’s call it XXX) I have " Error Forbidden" but I have access to all my workspaces so it’s not a question of right.
If I use the direct URL https://mainurl/space/XXX/tasks it’s working fine.

It must be something related to the code behind the login button I presume.

Can you check fast please ?


Hi, @RJO

  1. Which browser are you using?
  2. How Error Forbidden page looks like? What’s the URL of this page?
  3. What kind of Space are you using?
  4. Does your “main authentication URL” contains any returnUrl part?

Please, send message to our support mail.

If I try to reach the URL directly https://easymorphserverfbi.bench.mycloud.intranatixis.com/space/df%20international/tasks it’s working fine. So I think something is wrong with the redirection called by the Login button. Seems to work with a token because I quickly saw a temporary url including a token and the name of the workspace. Despite it does not work I’m well authenticated because I can see my login on the top right.


What is the full URL of this page?
Does pressing F5 resolve the error ?

I’ve told you : it’s redirecting to https://easymorphserverfbi.bench.mycloud.intranatixis.com/space/default/tasks which is the URL of the default workspace in easymorph

F5 does not change anything. But If I switch to another workspace the other workspace is displayed. And If I switch back to default it’s also displayed. It’s just happening the first time I log in.

It’s not happening on workspace with no authenticaion or password-protected. Only with Windows AD authentication.

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Thanks for explanation.
We’ll try to fix this soon.

Note : with one of my workspace I even have that :
The URL is “https://easymorphserverfbi.bench.mycloud.intranatixis.com/ExternalAuth/null” in this case

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NB : this is blocking the access to the web portal. Our users can not use Easymorph server anymore (5.2 was only installed on our bench server fortunately).


A new version of EasyMorph Server is available now.

It’s working back. Still we saw one little bug. When we install a new version, since quite recently the license of the server is disabled. So we just have to reapply it and it’s ok.

But before reapplying it, we tested : we received an error when trying to connect to an active directory workspace displaying below message :

So I clicked on “admin” to reapply the server license and there I had a surprise. Both option “User of space” and “admin” were selected :slight_smile: I clicked on Login and it went to the admin page. There is still a small issue here but not blocking at all.

Thanks for your reactivity

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Yeah. Thanks for reporting.
We’re able to reproduce issue with multiple selected options.
We’ll fix this in the upcoming minor release.