EasyMorph Project file convert to store procedure

Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement, I want to capture behind the senesce queries of my easymorph project file. or give me suggestion how to export all these transformation steps to write store procedure.

Hi @asifpanjwani7 and welcome to the Community!

The transformations in EasyMorph are more powerful than SQL and can’t be translated into stored procedures. EasyMorph doesn’t use SQL to transform data.

The strength of the EM concept lies in the fact that you go from set theory to graph theory, matrix calculus, numerical sequences, Cartesian spaces, vector spaces without even noticing it.
Each transformation has its own mathematical basis.
Thus, reverse engineering of an existing EM workflow in SQL is a dead end most of the time. Many combinations of transformations cannot be reproduced in SQL only, or MDX or whatever…

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If you have to convert easyMorph task to SQL Stored procedure then you will need to have from database access to all data sources that this easyMorph job uses and convert every single actions/filters and parameters into SQL statement/function or stored procedure and variables which might take long time to develop and test. If easyMorph task have fewer and simple actions then it might be doable but be prepared to spend lots of effort.
It really depends what kind of transformations your easyMorph task is doing.