EasyMorph launching as background process

I’m running the latest version of EasyMorph (4.3.0), on Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.17763) and for some reason EasyMorph launches as a background process rather than an app. I cannot actually interact with the interface.

There’s nothing in the Event Viewer, and only one line the Debug Log:

20200406100706 Information Starting application version with command line: “C:\Users\s5506581\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Morph.exe”

There was no problem a few days ago, and as far as I know nothing has changed however, there may have been system and policy changes implemented by our enterprise IT.


It did eventually launch as an app (after an hour?) so it seems like it’s a problem local to me. Please delete this topic if needed.


EasyMorph is a .NET application which means that Windows compiles it on the fly before starting. A compiled copy is cached by Windows in order to avoid compiling it every time. That’s why the 1st launch can be a few seconds longer than usual, but surely not 1-hour long.

It’s hard to say what caused the delay, it could be something in Windows internals. The good news is that once it’s started normally, then it should start quickly every next time.

Just to follow up on this: today it took maybe half an hour from launching the application to when it the window appeared. I can only guess that some change was made to the Windows management policies/environment on my machine since last week.

I just ran into the same issue - but for a different reason.
Was running EasyMorph and due to an issue with another program (Zoom), my computer (Windows 10) completely froze.

I ended up doing a cold restart; Was not able to close down Windows normally.
After restarting my computer EasyMorph was only opening in the background.
But after reading this post I decided to wait, and after 30 minutes EasyMorph did appear.
I then closed EasyMorph normally.
After that, it opens up within a few seconds.

Just wanted to mention this here in case others run into the same issue due to Windows freezing.