Easymorph launcher shows no failure

Hello team,

I have scheduled couple of processes to run every 6 hours. I have been observing for a week now , though there is no failure but I dont see output data updated for all the timestamps that should occur every 6 hours.

For 1 process its scheduled to start from 6.30 PM every 6 hours but I see last updated data as of 12.30 AM only means it ran only twice instead of 4 times.

Any thoughts what could be the possible reason and troubleshooting steps?

I dont see any failure on EM launcher.

Can you please attach a screenshot of the “Scheduling” tab of that task?

Please see attached for both the processes for which I am facing issues.

Thank you for the screenshots.

Can you please add a custom logging to one of these projects as described in the following post:

The logger should be placed in a separate table that is not derived or synchronized with other tables. This way we will be able to check when the project is being executed by the Launcher.

Ok, I am building that and will keep under observation

Hello @andrew.rybka,

I cant see any option of append in the export to delimited file. Am i missing anything?