Easymorph Launcher - RAM

I think the new Easymorph Launcher is great. But longer term, it spreads more and more in RAM. After two weeks without restart, the Easymorph Launcher has already used 3.5 GB of memory. Without currently running a job.
Now he is currently running for 30 hours and is again at 180 MB.
Is that normal?

Kind regards

Hello Marcel,

this is not normal. One of the early Launcher builds had a bug that could cause such behavior when a task tab stayed open. Try updating to the most recent version.

same problem here.
I’ve installed the most recent version, but in 3 days time memory in use is 560 mb.


Hello Fred,

if you used Launcher for running heavy projects 560MB is OK. Note that Windows Task Manager shows allocated memory which is allocated to a Windows application by Windows but not necessarily used or required by the application. Windows may not release allocated process memory until it’s necessary for another application. EasyMorph doesn’t control when Windows releases allocated memory – it may still be allocated to EasyMorph by Windows even when EasyMorph no longer uses it.

Hi Dmitry,
I understand what you say about allocation of memory.
The Launcher is not running any heavy project. but with every launch the Launcher allocate an additional 2 mb of memory ( in total now 800 mb in 4 days)

Hi Fred,

What EasyMorph version are you using? There was a bug with memory leak in one of the earlier versions, but it has been fixed.


That’s a very recent version - that bug was fixed in it. Can you please send the project you’re running and that is increasing memory after each run to support@easymorph.com.

We’ve found a fixed a bug that could lead to memory leaks in Launcher. Get an updated version from our website.