Easymorph Launcher - issue

Hi Dmitry

I upgrade yesterday to the latest EM version.

One of my Schedule tasks now falls over. It says it does not have access to the path - which is a local path. If I open the EM File and run it, it works. If I add the same file to EasyMorph Launcher, it falls over.

Any idea why that would be?


Hi Rykie,

Can you post a screenshot of the error (or send it to our support). Also, do you run EasyMorph Desktop and Launcher on the same machine or different machines?

Thanks, Dmitry.
EasyMorph Desktop and Launcher are on the same machine.
I have send a screenshot to support.

Thanks, Andrew for your help.
I shut down the Launcher with the “Shut down” button and restart it again.
My antivirus gave me a warning when I ran it - I then allow app and it runs smoothly from then.

1st time I have seen this.