Easymorph issue about drives and workers


I have a special configuration :

  1. I have a default service account, let’s name it root. For this account there is a Z drive defined as the root folder of all spaces. So that I can write Z:\worskpace1, Z:\workspace2 (equivalent to root\workspace1, root\workspace2 …)

  2. I created a worker dedicated to a workspace that we can call “WKS”. For that worker, I also created a Z drive pointing to root\WKS. So it’s not the same Z drive as above, it’s a drive pointing to a subfolder of root named WKS.

  3. The result : When I create a task, if Im entering the full path of the morph, it’s working fine. BUT when I click on the browse button, I can see the content of Z and when I click on one subfolder (equivalent to root\WKS\subfolder) it’s complaining that the folder does not exist. One thing more “funny” : Imagine in the path I type “subfolder”, it will work for that subfolder and I can point to a morph file inside.

There might be possibility that this browse windows is pointing to the bad Z:, the Z: of the default service account, but Im not sure it’s about that. Note that my worker has access to WKS and all subfolders (or it would not work if I type the full path). It’s the browser feature that has an issue.


Thank you for reporting it. We’ll investigate and fix it.

We’ve published an updated version of EasyMorph Server with the bug fixed. Please download and install it from our website.

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Working fine, the “worker” feature is very nice ! Now each workspace can really be isolated from others even if workspace windows folders are under the same parent windows folder.

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