Easymorph in other languages

Why not having Easymorph in French ? Well in Canada you may really need it, in France we absolutely need :slight_smile:

(You can keep the name of the functions in english)

We will do localization at some point (presumably in 2021) and have no doubts a French localization is the first to be done.

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Good news ! If you have doubts for french translation, you can ask :slight_smile:

Hi, are you going to translate it into Italian too?

Hi @mrcat and welcome to the Community!

We don’t have any clear plans for Italian localization yet. However, after we finish French localization it should be easier to make an Italian localization.

Hi dgudkov I think that EasyMorph is a great software! I’m an Italian IT expert and I used It with great satisfaction!
Do you think that it is possible to collaborate? Where I could write you in private?

Thank you for the good words :slight_smile:

You can send me a private message here on the forum or shoot an email at support(аt)easymorph.com

Hi Dgudkov
I wrote you an email at support(аt)easymorph.com
let me know your opinions