Easymorph export to databse, missing some values in one of the columns


I have a EM model that reads data from and excel spreadsheet then export to database table. One of the column names is called Comments. Values for example:
Fee Cap
Grace Period

For some reason all the values are loading correctly into Column Name Comments except for the value = ‘Credits’

Is there a logical reason for this? Is Credits a reserved word or something? Any advice on how to correct this?

Thanks in advance.

EasyMorph doesn’t have reserved keywords for column names, but all databases do. Typically, using reserved keywords for column (or table) names in databases is not recommended. Maybe that’s the cause of such behavior. Try renaming the database column (or creating a temporary table with a different column name) and see if the problem remains.

Thank you for your quick response. The database column name = Comments
The problem I am seeing is that when that column has a value = ‘Credits’ it does not load it. It does howver load other values such as ‘Transaction’ I was just wondering why all the values for the Column Comments is not loading to the db table when the value = ‘Credits’

It could be that in the generated SQL statement that inserts data into the database the value “Credits” accidentally happened to be next to the word “Comments” and thus considered by the database as a comment and ignored. Or something like that. It’s hard to say exactly without having the data and the connector. It could be “Debits” or something else. The problem is not in the value “Credits”, the problem is most probably in the column name that looks very much like a reserved keyword.

My recommendation above remains - try exporting into a table with different column names.

Hi @EasyMorphNewbie,

What database are you exporting data to?

Can you please open the Profiler popup for the cell with the ‘Credits’ value? Will it show something unusual, like leading or trailing spaces? Does the Length field show the correct/expected value?