EasyMorph/ETL Practice Challenges

For anyone interested in building and/or stretching some EasyMorph “muscles”, there is a Blogspot site out there that posts weekly data transformation “challenges”. While originally targeting Tableau Prep, it is “software independent” - use whatever you have/want to generate the output (EasyMorph, Tableau Prep, Alteryx, R, Python, etc.).

They provide the source data file(s) and instructions to step through the transformation. You post your solution on Twitter with #PreppinData, and reference the posters @Datajedininja, @JennyMartinDS14, and @TomProwse1. This would be a great way to get EasyMorph out there! Browsing through the Twitter responses it seems Tableau Prep, Alteryx, and Python are the most abundant processes being used. I did happen across one other EasyMorph user. :+1:

The site is: Preppin' Data
They’ve been posting these for a little while. I just started working through these this month.

I was curious to see if others in this Community would be interested in posting EasyMorph solutions to these, to compare how others work through the same transformations.

I’ll start by posting some of the solutions I’ve come up with, to get the ball rolling. :+1:

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#PreppinData Challenge: 2022 Week 1

Really basic intro stuff:

My solution. Comments, critiques and “better ways to do it” all welcomed!
PreppinData Challenge 2022 Week 1.morph (7.4 KB)

#PreppinData Challenge: 2022 Week 2

Amazing challenge working with dates.

My solution. Comments, critiques and “better ways to do it” all welcomed!
PreppinData 2022 Week 2.morph (10.5 KB)

#PreppinData Challenge: 2022 Week 3

Merges and Aggregations.

My solution. Comments, critiques and “better ways to do it” all welcomed!
PreppinData Week 3 challenge.morph (10.2 KB)

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Hi CraigT,
interesting exercise… I attached my solution for Week 3 problem.

Maybe you used some action more than me. But your actions are gouped better in modules level.

Always I use more direct approach.

PreppinData Challenge.zip (42.7 KB)

Hi, carlo.nigro.

Thanks for posting! Yes, interesting practice exercises. I believe the first 4 weeks were “basic, warmup” exercises, but they are due to get more involved. :+1:

And that’s what this is all about! Interested to see all the different ways people approach the same problem. :grin:

I like your more direct approach. I do build out in a very granular fashion in a first pass (as I see the process in my head), and usually consolidate later. As this was practice, I left it long-form (being lazy, LOL).

I was also curious to see if others routinely use the “roundxl” flavor of the “round” functions. As I’m typically interacting with Excel data (in and out), I’ve fallen back to using “roundxl” as my default to make sure any calcs in EasyMorph will align with calcs in Excel.

Thanks again for sharing, carlo.nigro. Hopefully, we can keep this thread going with others sharing their solutions.


#PreppinData Challenge 2022 Week 4 - My solution

Below is a snippet of my workflow, and also the workflow attached.

This was a little more difficult as the topic of “correcting misspellings” was handled in the original post using a feature in Tableau Prep that’s not in EasyMorph (a “grouping” feature that helps handle misspelled words). I did a “manual” workaround by hand-selecting (removing) the misspellings and fuzzy-matching them back into the list. Works OK for a small list of misspelled words, but wouldn’t be efficient for a longer list.

As a side-project, I’ve been working on possibly using an API to snag and correct misspelled words. Currently testing the Dictionary.com API, which seems to provide some hope in the initial phases.

Pic and workflow, below.

PreppinData Week 4 challenge.morph (9.0 KB)

Fell behind on these!

Below is my Preppin Data 2022 Week 7 - Call Center Metrics workflow solution! Lots of little “gotchas” involved that I had to step back to and resolve. Can’t say enough about EasyMorph’s real-time “auto-update-downstream” feature! Tweak a setting downstream, and everything upstream updates immediately. Huge time-saver over “other software” I’ve used in the past. :grin::+1:

As usual, I tend to be pretty granular and break out actions and derive tables that may not be totally 100% warranted, but it’s a “visual OCD” thing for me. LOL. And I typically fall back on the “roundxl” function for my rounding so I know values will align with anything I need to match up with in Excel.

Be sure to use relative references in your posted workflows!

You can track down the original post, details, and source files here:

Preppin Data 2022 Week 7 - Call center metrics.morph (20.9 KB)