Easymorph desktop : call project passing string looking like number in list of values parameter


  • Create a project with a parameter as list of values, lets call it PARAM
  • Call this project by passing a string value in PARAM BUT this string value looks like a number like 17 or 017

=> you get an error

Attempt to assign parameter PARAM with an illegal value “17”

I think that what is happening is that the value of 17 is intepreted as number by Easymorph and it does not suit in list of values parameter. Maybe what should be done in this case is take into account the property of parameter PARAM “treat numeric values” > “always as text”. It seems that this property is skipped in this case.

Edit : actually it’s doing this even with values which does not look like numbers. Its always this error when you try to pass one value to a list of values parameter

I changed the option as below and it works as expected (no error).

Here are the projects:
proj1.morph (2.0 KB)
proj2.morph (2.6 KB)


Am I missing something?

I think I understand my problem : I try to pass values which are not in the “list of values” parameter of the slave project. I don’t think it’s about string or numbers, it must be related to the fact that values exist or not in the target list of values. If not, the error message appears and it looks normal.

Sorry it’s my fault !

No problem!

Yes, that’s correct. Only the values from the predefined list can be assigned to the parameter.