Easymorph desktop : popup of end of saving as excel does not appear

Hi team,

  • retrieve whatever computed dataset catalog item with data
  • save as excel
  • switch to the windows explorer to check if excel is finished
  • go back to desktop : there’s a bug. The popup indicating to open file or location does not appear. As I can not click anywhere I think it’s somewhere but on a bad location (out of screen ?). In this case I can not do “escape” like I was doing in the workflow editor which was closing the window wherever it was.

If I remain on easymorph without switching to windows explorer, the popup appears.

It’s a serious issue because I am completely blocked after save as : I have to kill easymorph to use it again. The popup has to be closed but can not be as it does not appear at screen.

We couldn’t reproduce the error but made some changes in Desktop to address the potential cause of the problem. Can you please try updating EasyMorph Desktop from our website and let us know if the problem persists.

I did not test it yet but please can you check if your patch solves also this problem that I can reproduce on :

  • from start menu click on “setup license key” : popup appears
  • switch to another windows application
  • go back to easymorph : popup disappeared and there’s no way to click on easymorph app which appears but is not usable. The only way to solve the issue is to kill the task corresponding to the setup popup window, than easymorph is usable again

The problem has been fixed for this case:

but not for this one (we'll fix it too):

In any case, you don't have to kill the task. Instead, press Alt+Tab to switch to the disappeared dialog (see below).

FYI, the alt+tab trick is working. Let’s hope the fix is available in 5.2.2 because I think we will also package this version for our users, the hyper-linking feature sounds so great. Thanks !