Easymorph as a Rest Service

Let’s see if someone can bring a bit of light to my issue.

I’ve got easymorph destok configure to collect some data from a BBDD.
Then once I’ve got the data, I construct a Json and I’ve got the data as a json file.

Now what I would like to do is easymorph to provide a rest service so it is able to respond request. It’s that posible? and if so, how can i do that?

Hope I explain mysefl well.

Thanks in advance

nobody brings a little light to this topic??

REST API is on github. It use command line to run EasyMorph on server.

Limitation are same than server. One morph can be run only one time (no parallel thread).
You can wait for the next version of the server to launch the same Morph several times in parallel.

I don’t think it’s currently possible with EasyMorph Server because it is designed for scheduled batch processing. Triggering tasks is not event-driven. We will introduce events for triggering tasks in later versions of EasyMorph Server, but until then it’s not possible.

Of course, you can always knock together your own web server using Python or some other programming language, and run EasyMorph projects from the command line in the web server.

Ok, thank you for the answers