Easymorph and Tableau API


Does anyone had an experience on using talbeau server API with Easymorph ?

I need a POST action to receive an authentication token and call other commands on API. But i can’t find a way to receive the token.

Any help ?

Hello Thomas,

Here is an example project that signs in to a Tableau site and queries projects and data sources from that site: TableauRestApiWithWebRequestExample.morph (20.7 KB)

In order to make that example work you’ll have to:

  1. Add your Tableau Server or Tableau Online API URL to the “Base URL” setting of the “Tableau API” embedded connector. API URL looks like this: https://MY_SERVER/api/ or https://10ax.online.tableau.com/api/. If you are connecting to Tableau Online, replace the 10ax part of the domain name with the actual zone of your site.
  2. Fill in all the empty parameters of the “Main” module.
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Thx !