EasyMorph and SAP Max

Hey guys,

I have a problem about easymorph to connect to SAP Max.

I already set up an ODBC connection through Windows and the connection test was successful. But when I try to connect using the Connector Manager in EasyMorph, he says the following error:

Test connction failed:
ERROR [HY000] [SAP AG][SDBODBC DLL][SAP MaxDB] General error;-4008 POS(1) Unknown user name/password combination

Username and password are the same I use in the windows-odbc-connection.

As SQL dialect I try every SQL-selction but nothing works.

You have an idea how can i fix this problem?

Thanks in advance and best regards


Hi Marcel,

maybe it is because of the wrong (old) driver version. I had a similar problem some weeks ago.
Now i use this driver version and everything works fine:

On easymorph site, “Other SQL” is the right choice.



Hi Jochen,

thanks for your answer. Unfortunately the problem persists.

Do I have to adjust something else in the costum properties, so I get a connection?

Thanks in advance, best regards


I just filled out these fields (especially Server and database),


On the Connect-Page, I only entered username and password.