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Easymorph 5.1 - Web request

Hi Team

I upgraded to 5.1. My project that normally ran under 2 min is now taking 6 minutes.
The web requests (get) are very slow and I have a few.

Is there any setting that I need to change?


Hi Rykie,

Did you upgrade from version 5.0 or an earlier version (4.x)?

Hi Dmitry
I was on the last 4.x release.
I skipped 5.0 and updated to 5.1


Hello @Rykie !

Could you please send a standalone project to support email for us to investigate this issue.

Thanks to the Technical Team for their support.
This was not an Easymorph problem, but issue on my side.

I ran a Run System File Checker and Perform a Clean Boot.
That solved the problem. I should have done that 1st.

I appreciate your quick response as well as your troubleshooting skills

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