Easy scheduling [DONE]

A transformation to allow easier scheduling?

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We’re working on EasyMorph Server – it will do scheduling. Don’t tell anyone yet :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, 3rd party schedulers can be used for scheduling EasyMorph projects. A few suggestions in our blog: Schedulers for EasyMorph projects

The command-line syntax is described in this help article: Running EasyMorph from the command line


We kept getting requests for scheduler, so we’ve made a simple EasyMorph Scheduler. It uses existing morph.exe in the command-line mode, therefore it requires a Pro edition or Plus edition with Command-line Mode enabled. Nothing too fancy in terms of features as this point, but it does the job.

You can get the scheduler here: http://easymorph.com/scheduler.html

If you don’t have a Pro/Plus edition, you can get a demo license key here: http://easymorph.com/license-key.html

Here is what the scheduler looks like:

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Cheers. That’s great. I’ll try it out at work next year!