Easier Use of action "Reorder columns"


when trying to sort a table you can use the action "Reorder Columns", but it's not the most beautiful way the sort the columns and it might be confusing (like shown with Col1 in the screenshot).

I know that we have the possibility to drag & drop columns in the table directly, which is really smooth, but if you have larger tables, it's less useful as you may have to scroll from one side of the table to the other.

Is it possible to have a list of all columns of the table on the left side (instead of this list shown above) and use the drag & drop funcionality there?



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I have created quick and dirty work around for you. I hope it helps you the figure out
reorder columns.morph (3.6 KB)
what you are looking for.

Thanks a lot for your work.
I know that there are workarounds for that, but I meant the usage of the reordering within the action itself.

Oh sorry, it was a feature request. I apologize I failed to notice that it was a feature request.