E-mail help (O365) - cannot define another account to use

I'm having trouble to understand how I'm supposed to setup an email account (that isn't my personal) for easymorph to connect to through O365.

Earlier I've been able to setup accounts using the Email Server connector, but now it seems like I only can send emails through that connector. Getting a notice of "Login failed" whenever i try to fetch emails.
(from googling it seems like MS has dropped the basic auth method for O365 and requires Oauth)

I then tried the "Exchange Online" and that seems to give me access to my personal account and fetching email. But I cannot define another account to use?
How would even the "Exchange Online" run if we published this to EM server? What account would it login with since my personal account is nowhere on the EM server?

To summarize my question
Is there a way to define a O365 account using OAuth (other than the current user of EM desktop) to fetch emails while running on EM server?

I understand the confusion. To answer the question, you need to create a new Exchange Online data connector, enter the necessary credentials, if any (like custom OAuth app), and proceed by clicking 'Authorize'. From there, you can select the desired non-personal account from the list or input it using the 'Use another account' option.

Once the authorization is successful, the connector can be used in any workflow and it will act on behalf of the authorized account, whether it is personal or not.

When you authorize the connector interactively, you are verifying your identity by entering your correct credentials in real-time. In return, you receive a time-limited token, which is then attached to your connector. This token is subsequently used for all interactions involving the connector.

Even if the connector is stored in the Server repository, it will still function on behalf of the user who initially authorized it.

I see how this could work, but in practice it does not when you have a cooporate login with Microsoft.

I'll try and explain what going on :slight_smile:

  1. Clicking authorize button
  2. Dialog opening with entry of email adress (entering the adress i would like to use)
  3. Since we're having a coorporate domain with MS this is forwarded to another login location
  4. After forwarding to our coorporate login dialog, my personal login is auto filled and submitted without me getting to do anything (some kind of cookie or other automatic login stuff going on)
  5. The connector has been autorized through my personal account instead of the one i actually used.

To solve the above issue when loggin on to stuff using an adress that isn't your personal, we're forced to use privacy-mode of the browser. But i dont think I can enable that for the login-dialog that appers?

Since our app does not have direct control over the interactive logon window, which is provided by Microsoft, we currently do not have a workaround for this issue. We suggest reaching out to your tech support as this behavior may be caused by your organization's policies (like this one).

As a drastic solution, you could try signing out of all sessions to ensure that you are required to re-enter your credentials, regardless of any remaining cookies.

We've found a workaround.
We created a virtual server (not logged in to O365) and then installed easymorph there. Then we were able to login to any account (at least one time)

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Thank you for posting the solution, Emil!