Dynamic parameters or more input transformations that allow expressions

I would like to be able to “build up” filenames and database names from parameters, rather than having to literally have each parameter be the whole value that is then used in an input transformation.

Let’s say I have the following folder structure:

  • dataset one
    • geo.txt
    • address.txt
  • dataset two
    • geo.txt
    • address.txt

Right now, I need to have a single parameter that’s for the full path with a value like “dataset one/geo.txt” (error prone and also I could get sloppy on where I put files in an inconsistent way).

Ideally, I could just have a “folder” parameter (for example with value “dataset one”) and then I build up the actual filename for example by concatenating the value of the “folder” parameter with the constant value of “geo.txt” to derive “dataset one/geo.txt”.

Have tried using calculated parameters? That is exactly the use case for them. A calculated parameter uses an expression with other parameters, and can be used instead of a regular parameter.

To create a calculated parameter create a new parameter and specify it’s type as “calculated”.

Here is a screenshot how to create a calculated parameter in the Parameter Editor: