Dynamic Aggregation

Hi There.
Does easy morph have the option of dynamic aggregation? meaning that to recognize the new added columns and sum automatically? in the photo below, columns will be added based on dates a project is worked on. So I am looking for a way to sum it automatically so that the total counts are correct.

You need to unpivot the table, aggregate with grouping by dates, then pivot back.

It didnt work. I attached a sample data and type of the table I am looking to have. Note that those days will be keep added as a new row in dataset every day there is an event happening. so I dont want to manually sum my columns in the table like photo above.
Thank you
Book1.xlsx (14.3 KB)

Well, that’s a different dataset than in your screenshot. It’s already unpivoted. Just aggregate and pivot.

See below.
pivoting.morph (5.2 KB)


would it be possible I can have this in older version? Cant open this file. Thank you

How much older? :slight_smile: There are multiple “older” versions of EasyMorph. Do you have any particular version in mind?

Mine is version

Try this one.
pivoting.morph (5.2 KB)

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Thank you so much, It works perfectly.