Download Versions not matching link on site

Today I updated our server version to v5.2.1, and requested my team upgrade all of their desktop versions as well.

The link on the “all downloads” page for Desktop v5.2.1 is for the latest release (no version number on file),

When extracting it contains release notes for v5.3.0, and starting the install shows the version as…

I know there can be issue with having mis-matched desktop and server at the x.N.x level; should we install v5.2.0 desktop? Or will the link be updated to download the v5.2.1 installer soon?

I must have been downloading right in the middle of the new release being published :laughing:

Links are working now!

Sometimes that happens :slight_smile: Also, your web browser could have a cached copy of the download page. Next time you experience the issue, try refreshing the web page.

The rule of thumb is Desktops shouldn’t have a later version than the Server. In other words, Server >= Desktop. EasyMorph Server can always work with earlier versions of Desktop. But Desktops may not work with a later version of Server.

Also, when updating to a newer version, always update the Server first.