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how dows this transformation works? I´ve insert the URL, Username and Password but the result isn´t a file. If i export it to .txt there´s only a html code in that file but not the data i´ve tried to download.

Is it possible with this function to download files like xls, xlsx, csv on a specific URL? If yes, how can i do that?


Hello Michael,

Download transformation can be used to download any type of file. But it only supports basic authentication.

Most likely target website uses some other type of authentication, so it doesn’t accept passed credentials and responds with an error page. And that page is being downloaded by EasyMorph instead of the requested file.

There is no simple way to make Download transformation to handle authentication on an arbitrary website.

Possible workaround here is to try to utilize PowerShell in one way or another. But I haven’t tried this approach myself, so I can’t help you with it.

Another possible workaround is to try to find out direct URL of the target file and see if it’s password-protected. Some websites only protect URLs which lead from website pages to the actual files, but not the files themselves.


Hello Andrew,

thanks for your answer. I can´t download files from pages, but how does it work with FTP-Server? Are all files downloaded or only the latest?

Thanks and regards,

Michael, can you please clarify what do you mean by “all files”? “Download file” can only download one file at a time.


does the transformation “Download” the latest file on a ftp-server?

Michael, can you please clarify what do you mean by “the latest file”? In current implementation “Download file” will only try to download the file, specified by the URL property.


on a ftp server there could be more than one file. The upload dates are different but we only need to download the file from the youngest date.


Michael, it’s not possible right now, but we are planning to make some improvements to existing actions which should make it possible. No specific date or release number though.

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