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Download Selected Files from AWS S3

HAving a bit of issues downloading files from an S3.

I have created this flow that lists all files from S3 folder, then I make some formulas to only leave the path for the most recent ones. but then in the S3 commands, I can only select “Download File” and choose or static path (text) or via parameter. But how can I define in the parameter the file to download? It has always different date and suffix code. Thank you



Hello JoMar,

In this case, you have to use two modules: in one you list the files that you want to obtain from S3 and after you would have an “Iterate” Action that runs the second module as many times as files you have, sending the file name as a parameter. In this second module, you will download the file, using the file name as a parameter in the “File Path” of the “Amazon command” action.

Are you familiar with iterations? Here is more info: EasyMorph | Iterations




Hi @roberto,
Thanks a lot, I totally forgot about the iterations :smiley: . Also the path was confusing me some much until I remembered we can build “relative paths” and not just “local paths”. Thank you very much, your tips lead to me final solution which works perfect with AWS S3.

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