Download from FTP - Error: Policy requires SSL

Hello, I am trying to download a file from FTP using "Download file" action, I have entered the correct address and credentials but get error. Connection via FileZilla works fine.
Any tips?

Does the file URL specified in the action properties start from ftp:// or ftps:// ?

Hi, ftp://, but maybe it should be ftps? Tried changing and then I got another error File not found (550)

Make sure you only change the URL schema (i.e. ftps://) and don't change anything else in the file path.

I'm sure I have not changed anything - might there be some security settings on the FTP server that causes problems?

This is the path I'm using:

This is how it looks in Filezilla:

The standard port for FTPS is 990. In your screenshot from FileZilla, we can see that the connection goes via port 21 (standard for FTP). Try specifying the port 21 explicitly in your URL like below: