Download folder on easymorph server

If I’m not mistaken, today we can only download file by file. The idea would be to enable download of a folder, in a zip for example like a few tools can do (thinking of bitbucket).

Imagine you have an easymorph project running on a server that needs a lot of files, source files for example. If you want to make it run on your workstation, you will need those files. If you don’t have direct access to space folder, you will have to download everything item per item which can be a bit frustrating.

What can be simply done : in the grey part on the server where you display folder tree, add an option after “Create new folder” which would be “Download folder” => it would create a zip of the folder and would automatically download it.

Hello, any update on this ? not interesting ? Download all files in one click. And also the search feature should go through all folders. This would be 2 major changes for the easymorph server.

Currently, we’re busy preparing a new generation of EasyMorph Server with multiple task instances, events, webhooks, and data catalog. Once we finish the major features, we will have time to work on minor features like downloading a folder.

For now, I would suggest having a task with a parameter of the “Folder path” type to zip any folder.